LOCKEDGAMING is Recruiting!

POSTED BY Benevanswalker April 26, 2020 in Locked News
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LOCKEDGAMING is recruiting for the following gaming titles:

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Valorant
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends

If your team is currently without an organization and would like to explore the benefits of joining our team, please follow this link for more instructions.

Some of the guaranteed benefits of being part of the LOCKEDGAMING team:

  • Graphic design support for your whole team. That means custom streaming overlays, logos, and more.
  • Video editing support. Similar to above, we have a team ready to turn your frag videos into a work of art.
  • Social media support. We are ready to grow your personal following.
  • Revenue share no matter what your team’s investment is.

Some of the non-guaranteed benefits of being part of LOCKEDGAMING:

  • Company equity and performance based stock options.
  • Monthly / Bi-Monthly salary.
  • Tournament entrance fees.

Once again please follow the instructions within our community.

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